Friday, March 30, 2007

Im back

Sorry for the blogger break. It would take me all day to explain but basically it was family drama and travel. So to bring you up to speed on the IVF front, I did the whole suppression thing and the whole stimulation thing. I was shocked that 3 shots a day was not as bad as I thought. I did not gain the 20 pounds that they said I might. I gained a couple, but who cares. I actually feel good. I know it sounds crazy, but I think my body actually likes it. This is the first time that my hormones are actually the same as a normal person. Who knows, maybe it will actually work.
So I did my HCG shot yesterday (in a parking lot). Its a long story and maybe I will post about it later. I go for my egg retrieval tomorrow (aka get all of my eggs sucked out). I am a little nervous about it, and will have plenty of time to blog about it because I am supposed to sit around and do nothing all day after it. At the moment I have 11 follicles, which is good, but less than I thought I would get. They were very careful to not let me hyperstimulate, which I appreciate but if this doesn't work I will only have a couple of embryos to freeze. Let's hope I don't need them!!

More post-anesthesia updates tomorrow! Wish me luck!