Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The prince has arrived!

As you probably could have guessed, our little prince has made his grand entrance into the world. Sorry I didn't let you know sooner but things were/are kind of crazy.

He decided to show up one day early (made mommy very happy). The story goes that I had been trying to coax him out with spicy food and long walks to no avail, but as hubby and I were heading to bed the evening of the 19th I said "I bet he decides to come tonight". This was my guess because it was in the middle of a major storm. Rain, wind, the whole nine yards. Sure enough, 30min later the water breaks and we are off...
9.5 hours of labor later, I find that my anesthesiologist is my new favorite person and 7hours after that " the prince" arrives with no complications. He weighed in at 8lbs and was 21 inches. Just perfect :-)

Then all chaos ensued and has just let up in the past couple of days. Brief summary: my parents staying with us and tons of other visitors + Christmas and New Years=very busy. Add in breastfeeding issues + another storm that knocked out power for 2 days to the normal sleep deprivation and general newborn issues and you have a very tired and frazzled mommy.

Today hubby is back at work and prince is asleep in the sling so all is quiet on the western front...for now.