Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Merry Christmas

We had a merry and mellow holiday. I am leaving podunk in the morning and am happy that I got to see the belles, but sad that it was only once and some didn't get to meet the hubby. There was much family time and my cell phone died (sorry if you tried to call). I also feel in the dark because JLD blocks addresses from podunk, raybelle is redecorating, and tarbelle is MIA. I will be out of blogging range for the next week, but am looking forward to having my cyber world back.

Happy New Year All!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Back to square one

Or make that cycle day 1. Yes, after almost 100 days on vacation AF has returned. I am happy to see something remotely normal going on and excited to get this on with another month of trying. I am changing my holiday wish though, now I want a 28 day cycle. Please. I will settle for 30 something but this 90+ day stuff is going to make me crazy. Nope, 28 is my new lucky number. It is my Christmas wish and my New Years resolution. I am going to will myself into a normal cycle WITH ovulation. It is written in my womanly contract that I am entitled to it. Maybe I will press charges against my body if it steps outside the 30 day range again. JLD you think I can sue?

Saturday, December 17, 2005

holiday updates

Since I have ovulated and am still waiting for AF I have nothing to whine about. So I will whine about the fact that I am upset with the weather man/woman. When I checked before I left my house this morning (to holiday shop of course) there was no sign of rain and they said it might rain tommorrow. OR as soon as I come out of the first store I get drenched by pouring down rain! I was totally unprepared! Wrong jacket, wrong shoes, no umbrella. The shopping had to go on so I was very wet, cold and cranky most of today.
Now I am trying to thaw out and am using the rain as an excuse for my lame present buying. Sorry family, Santa was too soggy to shop!

Monday, December 12, 2005

The big O

The temperatures don't lie. I am back on the ovulation track! Now I get to spend the next 2 weeks in the "am I "?? "Maybe"??? limbo.

We shall see if this will be a Christmas miracle.

Friday, December 09, 2005


I ovulated! (I think) Even if I didn't, things are changing more than they have in the last 80+ days so thats a start.

Now the odds of this (supposed) ovulation resulting in pregnancy are pretty slim. I think there is typically a 25% chance each cycle, but because I had no clue when I might ovulate there was no strategic timing involved. So I am putting my chances at 15ish.

Ironically, the day I would do a preg test (assuming AF didn't show up) would be Christmas Day. Now If that test turns out to be positive I will believe in Santa!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

TTC top 10 List

The top 10 benefits to not being pregnant (or ovulating....still):
1. Drinking at Holiday parties! It stops all of the "is she pregnant, but not telling" pondering. My answer to all of that is "CHEERS"!!
2. New clothes. Although I would rather be buying maternity clothes, hubby (my fashion consultant) took me shopping for my Christmas/Hanukkah present!
3. Not looking fat in my bikini. We are headed someplace tropical for New Years and though I have put on more than a few pounds (just for you JLD!) I hope to still be looking good.
4. My relaxation prescription. Now that school is over I have an excuse to watch TV and take long baths. "They" say that stress effects ovulation, so I will try and steer clear of that stuff.
5. Not having a period for 80 days. I am not happy about the reason, but it is still nice to not have to worry about it.
6. I think 2006 is a good baby year. 2005 apparently was not my year, but look out next year!!
7. More time to travel. I am a big fan. We did our big trip this summer thinking it might be our last for a while, but no preggy means more adventures!
8. Time with hubby. I know this should be at the top of the list, and I love him but we have been together 5 years. We already spend alot of time togther and are both ready for a new addition.
9. "Practice". It would be more fun if I were ovulating and it could be considered "trying" but at least there is no pressure.
10. Sushi, brie, and all the yummy foods that I love and would have to give up if I were preg.

Now, I would HAPPILY give up all of the above to be preg, but in the meantime I am livin' it up!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Holidays Here I Come!

I'm finished with school for the quarter. Woohoo!! I never thought this quarter would end. It was evil and ugly. I just hope my grades are not quite so evil and ugly. I already know that they won't be pretty, but one of the joys of grad-school is that I don't really care! (ok, I care a little) but not today! Today is celebration time. Hmmm what shall I do first?? I have a spa certificate from my MIL :-) Now that is my kinda gift. She could give me a spa gift certificate for every gift-giving holiday from now until forever and I think I would be the happiest DIL on the planet.
I am relaxing just thinking about it. I have that, and much holiday shopping to do. I think I figured out what I am going to get hubby (he he, I am such a bad wife). Check it out here.