Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween temptation

I thought my procrastination tendencies would work in my favor this time. Nope, I decided that I needed to go out and buy all of our Halloween candy yesterday. I realize now that this was a very bad idea. It is cold and wet outside so I am snuggled in my house with a huge bucket of my favorite candy to keep me company...at least until I eat it all. I am not sure pregnant women are able to resist this sort of temptation, well, at least not this pregnant woman. I can already hear the "tsk, tsk" from the doctor at my next appointment but I have decided that a few extra "non-baby" (aka fat) pounds won't kill me. Besides, after all of this Halloween temptation comes Turkey day with its yummy pies and the Christmas of course bringing chocolate in lots of forms. I think I will hide the scale and ignore the doctor and just enjoy my holiday treats guilt free :-)

On the baby front, he is doing well and kicking harder these days. I was teaching a class yesterday and while I was talking he kicked me so hard that it actually brought tears to my eyes (the pain kind, not the happy kind). Luckily I was teaching to a room full of preggy people so they didn't seem to mind when I sat down and made them watch video for a few minutes. He seems to be content in there for a little while longer which is good because this house is not quite ready for him to arrive. We are looking forward to meeting him!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Doing well

So, I am over the fact that I have given up ice cream and I have been very good about hitting the gym. I even joined a prenatal yoga class! I have been thinking about it, but avoiding it because I am SO BAD at yoga. I could barely touch my toes before there was a baby in the way. I would always be the person in the class that the instructor told to "just stay there"( aka nowhere) while the rest of the class twisted into pretzels. BUT this prenatal yoga stuff is a whole nother ballgame. I LOVE it. It is all about being comfy, finding out how to stretch out the parts that hurt from carrying baby, and then the last half of class is all about relaxation poses with pillows and blankets. Ahhh. So nice. I think it is an essential 3rd trimester activity. I signed up for a series that ends the day before my due date. Can you believe it? I am only one yoga series away from a baby. Crazy!

Other than my new workout schedule, the reason I have been neglecting my blog is that we are having our house painted...finally! Most of the rooms in our house are being painted. Since the painters were coming to do the baby's room anyway I added a few more tasks to the list. Hubby was less than excited when he found out the costs of my extra tasks, but was not about to argue with the pregnant woman who is nesting. So I was without Internet for a few days and had to move everything from 3 rooms in my house into one room. Now they have finished painting the office and my Internet is up and running. I am loving looking at my pretty new blue walls :-) The base coat of the baby's room gets done tomorrow and the artist comes in 2 weeks to paint the mural! Some of new furniture should be arriving in the next week or so and I am keeping my fingers crossed that my co-sleeper (on back order) will be one of the items. I am finally making progress! Yeah!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Fat girl

Things have been moving along quite smoothly in this pregnancy...until yesterday. Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with baby and he is not going anywhere for a little while, but I got the news that I think every pregnant woman dreads hearing...
"you have gained too much weight".
What? Who me?
Just because I sat on my couch for the last 2 weeks and polished off several containers of ice cream does not count. I was sick! It is not fair to count those calories :-(
I am very upset that not only did those calories count, but they tipped the scale over into the dark side. So now what am I supposed to do?? Baby is hungry ALL THE TIME. He is more important than fitting back into my skinny jeans (someday) but I guess I could lay off the ice cream and hit the gym a little more often. I am bummed because I thought I had 9 more weeks of eating for two before I had to go on the post-baby slimdown diet. I am vey sad about it.
Oh well..goodbye Ben & Jerry I will miss you.

Friday, October 05, 2007

feeling a little better

Not enough to do any constructive work around my house, but enough to venture to out for a few quick errands and then to finish my book on the porch in the sunshine. Since the sun has decided to retreat I came inside to blog (instead of the long list of other things I need to do). They can all wait until I am feeling totally back to normal.
My biggest accomplishment today was rediscovering an ice cream flavor. For some strange reason I have been craving coffee lately. I have not had any, mainly because I like to save my daily caffeine allotment for all things chocolate. Today I needed to replenish my ice cream supply and found Coffee with Heath bar ice cream...YUM! Ben & Jerry are my heroes.
I know it probably has caffeine in it (not to mention a ton and a half of sugar) so little one will be doing all sorts of gymnastics today. Let the bouncing off the walls (of the uterus that is) commence!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thanks honey.

My hubby decided to bring home a yucky cold that kept him home from the office for 2 days. Now he has so graciously given it to me. Isn't that sweet. I guess I can't complain that much since I don't actually have to go to an office. No one cares that I am sitting on my couch with a box of tissues while blogging and watching daytime TV. I am going to complain just a little about the fact that hubby could medicate his version of the cold while I am stuck here in all the snottiness. At least I have ice cream and naps to make me feel better.

Here is a picture of me and the 28 week belly (before the cold).