Sunday, July 30, 2006

temps with attitude

I am happy to report that my temperatures are much better now. Up and up and up. That makes me happy, happy, happy. Starting tommorrow we enter the implantation zone (assuming there was some egg+sperm action last week) which means I will be on extra high alert for any symptoms. I will of course keep you posted.

I have no physical symptoms of anything, feel totally normal. My attitude is apparently a different story. Unlike last month when I felt yucky and blue, this month I feel fine but hubby informed me this morning that I have had "attitude" lately.
What does that mean?? Can I consider it a possible pregnancy symptom? Is there such a thing as first-trimester-pregnancy-induced-attitude? Of course when AF shows up in a week or so I will have no excuse and have to find some other explination. Oh well, until then I will pretend that my "attitude" is a good thing. Every girl should have a little attitude, right?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

What the temp tells

My temperatures are making me a little nervous. They are "high" compared to the rest of the month which is supposed to mean that I ovulated like I was supposed to, but they are only a teeny bit high. Just enough. I want more. I need reassurance!
The progesterone is what makes them go up and I figure my body is supposed to be making some and then I am taking extra on top of that. Don't you think that would make my temps higher than usual? I am sure that I am over analyzing but I keep waiting for my temps to creep their way up. Come on, you can do it! Higher temperatures means good things. After next week it could mean VERY good things. In the mean time, I will continue to analyze every temperature and twinge in my body, hoping for a sign. At the very least I want a sign that the ovulation was successful, and at the most...well you can guess. ( I am too nervous to even type the thought. I am afraid to get my hopes up) . I am here, waiting, hoping, waiting, hoping....

Update: My temp was ever-so-slightly higher this morning. That makes me exponentially happier.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's all good :-)

This is my first fully functioning, appropriate timing, there is a chance (albeit slim) that I might actually get pregnant this month, cycle. Everything worked! My one follicle matured beautifully. I got an HCG shot, and we followed all medical advise for "timing". Now with the help of extra progesterone we hope for a cushy lining and we wait. Hang with me for the trying-not-to-get-my-hopes-up 2 weeks and we will see what happens. We are getting closer :-) Yeah!!!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


This month, my ovaries have decided to behave like the ladies that I have tried to encourage them to be. They did what the new drugs told them to and made a cute little semi-mature follicle. And yes I said a in one, not 14. Now I can rejoin the ranks of most other women in the world who produce one follicle a month. Slowly (very slowly) but surely we are getting closer to parenthood The ladies are learning. I am so proud.

The docs want to check up on my prize follicle on Saturday, so off to another ultrasound we will go, AND because it is on a Saturday I am making hubby come with me. It irritates me that he has yet to see the inside of a clinic since the beginning of all of this TTC stuff. So I made it perfectly clear that this weekend there would be no golf/soccer/bike rides/etc and that he will be staring at fuzzy black and white pictures of my ovaries. Boy was he excited.

Thanks for the good thoughts and crossed fingers. Keep them crossed, we still need ovulation but things are looking good! I think we may have found our drug of choice. I have not had the crazy emotional side effects that the clomid gave me. I feel like myself again (which means still crazy...but in a good way :-)

Until Saturday!

Friday, July 14, 2006


In the name of "I'll try anything once" and my upcoming wedding anniversary I decided to get a bikini wax. I have never had anything waxed before (no, not even my eyebrows). Since I was being adventurous, I opted for a more exotic version. All I can say is OUCH! What was I thinking??? Of course, since I had undergone all of that pain in the name of love for my hubby (and since I was already at the spa) I decided that his anniversary gift to me would a nice, relaxing, facial. I felt much better after that. Thanks honey.

I realize that this is more information than you probably care to know about me, but I offer this as a warning to those potentially contemplating this little procedure. I am down with the waxing but I advise sticking to the more conservative American version.

On the fertility front: I have another ultrasound on Wed. and I wonder if I will get a raised eyebrow from my doc when she sees the new "do". We shall see! We shall also see if the new drugs are working (but not too well). So far so good. I have not been crying at commercials, but both my TV and my computer are currently broken. (I am coming to you from hubby's computer). Not sure how much blogging will be done in the near future, but I will try and pop in.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Another Round!

Oh how I wish that meant "another round ...of alcoholic drinks" but alas, I am referring to another round of fertility fun. AF showed up right on time and I put in my obligatory call to the fertility doc. New drugs in a few days (beware of more insanity) ultrasound a week later.
I must admit, I am tired of doing all the "right" things to make this happen. This month I want to hike to a mountain top, have potfulls of coffee, and go out partying all night while drinking lots of wine! Will I do all of these things?? No. I will drink my green tea on the drive from my acupunturist to my yoga class. I will go to bed at 9pm and there will be no partying. I am lame, and obsessed with all of this and would feel completely guilty if I did anything that could jeopardize this cycle. Of course, if this cycle works, I get to pat myself on the back and say that it was all because I was in tune with my body and followed all of the directions. (I would skip the part about the powerful drugs and close monitoring by medical professionals) Nope, if this cycle (or one in the future) is successful I am taking ALL of the credit. Well, I guess I could give hubby a little credit too...but just a little :-) Hopefully this will be our month!

P.S. The ovulation counter above is actually (shockingly and coincidentally) on the right day!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The funky fourth

This weekend was quite an adventure. Hubby and I went to the wedding of 2 Iron Man Triathletes. There was a not-so-mini triathalon, major hike, a soccer/football game (he is English), oh and dancing in high heels (which totally counts as an athletic event, btw). You would think that with all of that exercise, outdoor activity, and lovey sentimental stuff I would have been in a great mood. But no, it appears that I am no longer in charge of my mood, and it no longer needs rhyme or reason to go sour. I admit, I am prone to being in the occasional funk. It often coincides with crappy weather, but this time there was no explanation. I think it may have had a little to do with the multitude of children and big preggy bellies, at the wedding. These are my friends so I love playing with the kids and am thrilled for the preggy ones, but I guess I felt left out. Hubby and I were the only 2 non-newlyweds that didn’t have kids or one on the way. It was a bummer.

I guess my previous pity party turned into a low grade funk, but I feel like I am coming out of it now. I had much alcohol at the wedding. Hubby could tell I was in a funk and valiantly offered be the sober driver home from the wedding (even though the couple were more his friends than mine). That’s true love for ya.

On the upside I should get a visit from AF soon and we can start another round. Stay tuned.