Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My first OB appointment

So I am (sort of) a normal pregnant lady. Yeah! The little cumquat and I went for out first prenatal vist today. I won't go so far as to say it was fun but I did get to see the little one wiggle around for a second and I loved my doc when she said my chances of miscarriage at this point are very slim. Sounds good to me!
I did notice the difference in atmosphere between the private, everyone pays alot of money out of pocket, fertility clinic and the doctors office in the cramped-for-space, downtown, hospital. I think I was in the storage closet/exam room with peeling paint and continers of odd liquids on the counter. Not the best impression. I guess I was spoiled by the swanky fertility clinic (not that I want to go back!). My doc made up for it. She was great and this practice is where my fertility doc recommend and where she goes herself. Most of my friends go there too and they get rave reviews from everyone I have talked to. A great doc is all I really need, but would it kill them to remove the cleaning supplies and crusty cardboard boxes from the "exam room"? I think I have become a doctor's office snob. How pathetic is that?

Thursday, May 17, 2007


No pomp and circumstance for this graduation. Just a half-naked hug from my RE (I was the half naked one) and I speech about how they would see us back for baby number 2. (we will worry about that later), but we officially graduated from the fertility clinic today!!! I get to go see a normal OB like all the other normal pregnant people. Yeah!!
We also had our 9-week ultrasound today. I am sure they just get cooler from here, but it was so much fun to watch my little embie wiggle around. It would wave its little arm buds and move all around. It was very fun!
I am not sure when we get to check in on him/her next, but I am looking forward to it! I am also looking forward to the end of nausea but I can suck it up for a couple more weeks (I hope it is only a couple more weeks).

Sunday, May 06, 2007

One little chickpea :-)

I love ultrasounds. It was such a relief to see that happy little heart beating. That was about all I could see. The rest was sort of a blob..only one blob though. One is plenty of baby for me! I have another peek in 2 weeks to see how much he/she has grown. I don't know what size it will be then? Walnut maybe? In the mean time, poor hubby has had to cook and grocery shop (NOT something he is used to doing). I am OK with food as long as someone shops for it and prepares it. Otherwise I think all the nutrients this kid would get would be carbs. I am loving the carbs. Bagels are my friend :-)

Hopefully hubby can hang in and be the master chef for a little while longer.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

morning sick

So we have shifted gears from eating everything to the very thought of food making me want to vomit. So far I have avoided that but have been feeling quite crappy (yeah!). I am not complaining. I hear that nausea is a good sign and that thought has gotten me through the last week. We have our ultrasound tomorrow and are hoping for more good news. I am looking forward to seeing my little chickpea! I will keep you posted!