Thursday, August 30, 2007

The countdown

I think it is really starting to sink in that this kid will be arriving in the not-so-far away future. My belly is getting bigger every day and people have started stopping me on the street to ask when I am due. At least it no longer looks like I have eaten too many doughnuts (I did have one the other day, yum). We also had dinner with some friends last Tuesday that were preggo too. They were 4 wks away from due date. She had just stopped working that day and they had just taken their last baby-prep class. Good thing. We got a call on Friday that baby decided to make an early appearance. Congrats to them and their baby girl!
Hubby and I were very excited for them and admittedly a little panicked that our baby-prep timeline might not be as long as we thought. I think it was the wake up call that we needed to really work on getting this house ready for baby. Soon.
I know that I need to do it, but it is sunny outside and the last thing I want to do is dig through my closet and old grad school notes. blah.

I think I will just tell myself that I can go down to the ice cream shop if I spend a few hours on the room. Yep, that was all the motivation I needed. I am off to clean...

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RB said...

You need a ticker from lilypie. What is the due date?