Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Holidays are upon us

The holidays are here.
Oh sh*t.
I have a husband that LOVES presents (8 for Hannukah, 1 for Christmas, and 1 for his January 30th birthday)!!
The problem is that he doesn't like NORMAL presesnts and he needs Nothing. Shopping for this man gives my an ulcer every year. I know, you say that I have plenty of time to think about this stuff, but my schedule is already booked through January! I have school, work, thanksgiving prep, baby showers, holiday parties, travel, and all the other stuff that comes with life.

I am trying to NOT wait until the last minute (although I am sure that is what will ultimatly happen) Any suggestions? If you happen to think of anything good between now and any of the winter holidays please let me know. Thanks!


Mrs. Belle said...

What types of things does he like? Electronics? Ipod? Clothes?

Jaimelee said...

I don't know if he is a videogame buff or not (seems like I remember you mentioning it once), but the new xbox comes out 11/22. I have the day circled on my calendar, because I am sure they will sell out quickly. Anyway, I understand your delimma somewhat because the boys b'day is Christmas Day, so it has to be a biggie. And boys always love new golf clubs(even if they have good ones there's always something better!)

Jaimelee said...

Is your ticker right? Hope you're practicing!!