Friday, March 31, 2006


Sorry there is no other word to describe her. I had no idea that seeing a gynecologist could cause so much drama! Update from last post: the call I was supposed to get “by the end of the day” yeah. Didn’t happen. Big surprise. So I left a message on Wed (no response) and one this morning. At 2pm I still had heard nothing and was in the neighborhood so thought I would leave a written message. I also had a few questions that I didn’t want to leave on the voice mail at the call center and thought a note would be easier.
So I actually get a call back several hours later (I unfortunately missed the call…stupid cell phone coverage) and SHE is pissed at ME!!!! The message “ You have to give me time to get back to you on these things” (Uh, you said you would call Monday…its now Friday) “I know you have needs but I have things that are more pressing” (even if that is true, I don’t need to hear that). Then my personal favorite…” yes, you need X test, you have to schedule it on the first day of your period”.
I’m sorry…my what?? Have you heard a single word I have said since I walked into your office?? I came in to see you because I DON”T GET A PERIOD!!!!


I am done. I don’t care if it takes me 3 months to get an appointment with another gyn, I cannot deal with her for one more second.

I felt guilty about being such a pain…for about a second. Please tell me if I am being unreasonable. Please tell me that your providers call you back when you leave a message. Please tell me that I will be able to find someone better.


Mari said...

1. No. You are not being unreasonable. That "woman" deserves to be called the very unflattering four-letter t-word.

2. My providers ARE usually very good about calling back (but my son's gastroenterologist was about as prompt as your GYN and we no longer see him).

3. You MOST DEFINITELY can find someone better. There are tons of GYNs out there with a decent bedside manner, professionalism, and sincere approach. I know you'll find the right doctor, Calibelle. You really will.

Good luck finding Dr. Right.

Becky said...

Yes, I get calls back. I called the on-call service on the first pretty Saturday afternoon of the year and STILL heard back from my ob within 10 minutes. I get test results within 48 hours. The receptionist always offers to put me on with the nurse or leave a message for the doctor- my choice and the calls are returned that day- usually within a couple of hours.

Your ob/gyn is awful. And, if you start feeling uncertain consider the fact that at some point you WILL be pregnant. So, you're really changing for the well-being of your pregnancy, and by extension, your baby because God knows how long it would take this awful woman to call you back if you were spotting or even, heck, to tell you you actually are pregnant and shouldn't have that martini. I can't imagine a worse situation and, it doesn't seem like she's moving all that swiftly anyway so, why not spend the 3 months waiting to see someone who will do in an afternoon, what it would take her 6 months to do- by my calculations you'll wind up ahaead.

Also, you might want to consider mentioning your experiences to as many busybodies as possible. Women like to know about their ob's and reputation means a lot.

Erin said...

My doctor not only calls me back, she APOLOGIZES if it takes a few hours for her to do it. You are NOT being unreasonable. You are paying her for a SERVICE and that service includes calling you back and answering your questions. That woman needs a lesson in bedside manner!

Jenny said...

You deserve better treatment than this, and you are perfectly within your rights to follow up when a promised phone call is not returned. All doctors are busy. And no, it's not your problem that she has other things that are more pressing, and she was out of line to tell you.

As a nurse in the women's health care field, I would call some hospitals in the largest city next to you. Ask the maternity nurses who they like to work with, who they believe will take time to listen to your concerns and who returns messages in an appropriate timeline. It's a good start to referrals.

As you start hunting around for a new GYN, get a copy of any labwork you've had done from her office. Call ahead of time and find out from the receptionist (get a name) what you need to do to get this information. Pick up your copy, in person, first thing in the morning before the office has a chance to go to hell.

And if you are particularly feeling ballsy (and I hope you are) write your Doctor a letter informing her exactly why you are terminating care with her. And talk about her all the time and post her name on your blog.

Raybelle said...

Ditto to Jenny's advice. Ask around about "bedside manner." And you should TOTALLY write her a letter. I'm sorry this has been such a pain for you, but you are completely justified in having the process of MAKING a BABY a good one. Peace out Beeatch!

CaliBelle said...

WOW, you all give great advice. Thanks so much for your support!!

Mrs. Flinger said...

I have an obnoxious HMO that does things like not call back, field calls with nurses who are lame and don't listen, etc. If you can do it, get someone better. You want the best taking care of your hayhay and girlie parts. That's your baby you're talking about, even is she/he isn't making a heartbeat yet. :-)