Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Whup ass

Looks like I have to open up a can...
I have now left 3 messages at the clinic in search of my long lost test results. Yesterday's conversation went something like this " blah, blah, my test results are supposed to be in by now.."
(clinic secratary) " oh yes I see that your results are all in"
(me) " Is my NP in today?"
(her) "oh yes, she is here today"
(me) "Great, could someone call me back with the results?
(her) "Sure I will have her call you"

Calls: NONE
Results: NONE

Single girl was giving me advice last night. She suggested screaming into the phone until I got to talk to someone or go and sit in the clinic and refuse to leave. I think I might take lessons from the toddlers I know and pitch a hissy fit. Think that will work? My hissy fits are a little rusty, anyone got any pointers?

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