Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I heart birth control

On this lovely Valentines day I have been too busy and am too tired to care about hearts and flowers. Hubby has had major crisis at work and will not be home until super late tonight. So we are unoffically boycotting the holiday this year (except that I ate 2 cupcakes at work today). Oh well.
I am finishing off my non-holiday celebration with a big fat birth control pill. yep. The Pill. I think it must be a joke among fertility docs that their infertile patients are subjected to this kind of irony. I picked up my prescription today and actually had to explain it to the pharmacist. She was very confused. I am learning that it is actually the "suppression" stage of my very first IVF cycle. Hubby and I met with my doc yesterday and handed me a big-ass binder full of info (that I have been avioding). I think we are in the big leagues now! oh boy!

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