Saturday, February 24, 2007

IVF Stress

Mostly it has been other life craziness that has been keeping me from my cyber-friends. Hopefully that part of life is slowing down and I can fill you in on the joys of IVF. The latest is that apparently they make you pay (in full) for the cycle 2 weeks before you start the fun drugs. They neglected to mention this little fact until Friday at noon, and now we are supposed to have signed all of our contracts and paid the bill by MONDAY. Of course we are supposed to sign the forms together and they have to be witnessed and this done at the clinic. I am not sure how this is going to happen seeing as how we both have jobs in different cities!Ugh. Supposedly if it is not done, then they stop treatment. I will be all-sorts-of-pissed-off if they try and do that. Can't a girl get an extension? Now I am all paranoid about it.
All I can say is...Don't make me come over there! (see, don't I sounds like a mom already :-)

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