Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My first OB appointment

So I am (sort of) a normal pregnant lady. Yeah! The little cumquat and I went for out first prenatal vist today. I won't go so far as to say it was fun but I did get to see the little one wiggle around for a second and I loved my doc when she said my chances of miscarriage at this point are very slim. Sounds good to me!
I did notice the difference in atmosphere between the private, everyone pays alot of money out of pocket, fertility clinic and the doctors office in the cramped-for-space, downtown, hospital. I think I was in the storage closet/exam room with peeling paint and continers of odd liquids on the counter. Not the best impression. I guess I was spoiled by the swanky fertility clinic (not that I want to go back!). My doc made up for it. She was great and this practice is where my fertility doc recommend and where she goes herself. Most of my friends go there too and they get rave reviews from everyone I have talked to. A great doc is all I really need, but would it kill them to remove the cleaning supplies and crusty cardboard boxes from the "exam room"? I think I have become a doctor's office snob. How pathetic is that?

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