Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New Docs

Its official, I cut ties with the evil gyn and now have myself appointments with 2 new new docs a reproductive endocrinologist and an OB/GYN - a good one (or so I am told). I had the distinct pleasure of calling the (evil) office to cancel my upcoming appointment. "No I DO NOT want to reschedule" Ahhh, moving on from her feels good. Now because I am a new patient with my new doctor, I have to wait a month to be seen, but I am going on vacation for 2 weeks anyway (very excited about it!!!) and really there is no more rush so....whatever.

New 10 year plan - get pregnant before I turn 40. No rush. Just would like to get there eventually.

New philosophy - roll with the punches

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Raybelle said...

I am sure it felt SO GOOD to kiss that doctor goodbye. Well, not kiss. That wouldn't have been much fun.

Have fun on vacation! Where are you headed??