Friday, April 21, 2006

The short of it

So my test on Wednesday. Lets just say that it sucked. Bordered on traumatic. I totally melted down into tears in the middle of it. I am better now and I think the results are OK. So thats a plus.

I had posted a detailed description of the day, which was up for about 10 min, before I decided that sometimes it really is too much information.

So the only slightly ironic and slightly comical part of all of it was that my 2 male doctors (yes it took 2 doctors and 2 hours to get it to work) were about my age (30ish) and H.O.T. I felt like I was on a TV show. Why couldn't they have been middle aged bald guys? It was very strange to think "if I were single I would have totally flirted with this guy at a bar" right before he explains the purpose of the stirrups . Yeah. Thanks buddy. I get it.

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Anne said...

bwahahaaa! no kidding.