Thursday, June 22, 2006

Down Girls!

Ya'll are not going to believe this one. Yesterday I was hoping and praying that the clomid worked and that I would have a couple of follicles with egg-potential. careful what you wish for.

I was very very close to being on the evening news, the front page of the newspaper, or Ripley's believe it or not (yes, I am THAT big of a freak).

Why do you ask???

Because I had FOURTEEN follicles!! FOURTEEN, people! Seven in each ovary. I DO NOT want 14 babies. Would that be fourteenuplets? Very Scary.

My ovaries must have been inspired by the world cup soccer that I have been watching and thought they would have their own tournament. Can’t you picture it? Team right ovary vs. team left! Yikes!

However, I am acting as referee and pulling major red cards. There will be no shoot-out in my uterus thankyouverymuch.

Didn’t think I would be saying this for a while, but I am off to buy condoms. LOTS of them. Later.


Jaimelee said...

excuse my french but HOLY SHIT!! So now what?? After the condoms, I mean. But this is still good news right??

Mrs. Flinger said...

LOL! And Holy - freaking - crap! There's NO WAY you'd have 14 babies. How does that work? Oh, don't ask me.. see. I don't even know when I ovulate so...

seriously? FOURTEEN? :: gulp ::