Tuesday, June 20, 2006

still swinging

Things I have cried over in the last week: Newspaper article mentioned above, Sex and the City rerun, various country music songs, and one of the baby birthing shows (remind me not to watch those anymore). I also went to a wedding on Sunday and forgetaboutit, I was a crying mess! Although, after reading some of the potential side effects of the drugs (i.e. PERMANENT vision damage) my sappy crying bouts were nothing.

I am done with the clomid for now and have to wait until Thursday's ultrasound to see if it worked. Cross you fingers for me!!!

I am a little worried about Thursday because they are also looking at the lining around my lovely uterine septum and if they are not happy with the way it is growing then I have to have surgery. Yuck.

SO, on Thursday we are hoping for responsive ovaries, a couple of mature follicles, and a nice comfy lining for a 9 month nap. I'll keep you posted!

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Mrs. Flinger said...

Hoping for good news!!