Thursday, July 27, 2006

What the temp tells

My temperatures are making me a little nervous. They are "high" compared to the rest of the month which is supposed to mean that I ovulated like I was supposed to, but they are only a teeny bit high. Just enough. I want more. I need reassurance!
The progesterone is what makes them go up and I figure my body is supposed to be making some and then I am taking extra on top of that. Don't you think that would make my temps higher than usual? I am sure that I am over analyzing but I keep waiting for my temps to creep their way up. Come on, you can do it! Higher temperatures means good things. After next week it could mean VERY good things. In the mean time, I will continue to analyze every temperature and twinge in my body, hoping for a sign. At the very least I want a sign that the ovulation was successful, and at the most...well you can guess. ( I am too nervous to even type the thought. I am afraid to get my hopes up) . I am here, waiting, hoping, waiting, hoping....

Update: My temp was ever-so-slightly higher this morning. That makes me exponentially happier.


sarah said...

When I was on progesterone, I was HOT all the time, and had night sweats. Disgusting.

It's hard to tell just by temp surges, but I remember the 2 week wait and how every hour I wondered what was happening. It's so difficult but you can do it.

Mrs. Flinger said...

I have no idea, girlie. But I hope good things for y'all. It's so hard not to overanalyze these things.