Sunday, July 30, 2006

temps with attitude

I am happy to report that my temperatures are much better now. Up and up and up. That makes me happy, happy, happy. Starting tommorrow we enter the implantation zone (assuming there was some egg+sperm action last week) which means I will be on extra high alert for any symptoms. I will of course keep you posted.

I have no physical symptoms of anything, feel totally normal. My attitude is apparently a different story. Unlike last month when I felt yucky and blue, this month I feel fine but hubby informed me this morning that I have had "attitude" lately.
What does that mean?? Can I consider it a possible pregnancy symptom? Is there such a thing as first-trimester-pregnancy-induced-attitude? Of course when AF shows up in a week or so I will have no excuse and have to find some other explination. Oh well, until then I will pretend that my "attitude" is a good thing. Every girl should have a little attitude, right?


Mrs. Flinger said...

heh! I was just going to post about how soon can I bet a bitch after conception? One day? Two? 'Cause jeeze. i feel that way for sure.

YEY for higher temps. Must go get a thermometer. Maybe we'll be duedate twins! WOOHO!!

Hope to hear more good news!

Jenny said...

Just log it up to stress and anticipation. Guys have a hard time getting what this is like for us chickies who can't think "pregnant" in order to concieve. Some of us just take a little more lovin'