Thursday, January 25, 2007


Thanks for the love, and sorry for the lack of updates. The last 2 weeks have been crazy with a captial "C"! Since I quit my job, I needed to start looking for a new one. I apparently had job-hunting amnesia and forgot how isane it was! So I now have a new job that starts this week. Whew.

On the fertility front: Of course, during all of the job craziness there were also 3 doctors appointments. They were all good news so far. MRI results = no surgery needed, just a wierd shaped uterus. We also had 3 follicles this month (yeah!) and an IUI so we are VERY hopeful that at least one of them will stick (preferably not all 3). If they don't stick, then we are breaking out the big guns. Bring on the IVF. I am not sure how the IVF and the new job will mix but it should be interesting. I really hope that this month works and that I am balancing OB appointments and the new job instead. Of course, we just have to wait.


Erin said...

Good luck! Hoping this is your month! :)

BlondeMom said...

Good luck to you! My office mate just found out she has an irregular shaped uterus as well.

Sending you my fertility mojo, since I am finished with it! ;)