Sunday, January 07, 2007


Don't get too excited...
Another negative result but my positive outlook is intact this month (no ice cream necessary :-)

I didn't expect much this time around with my one measly little follicle, ovulation during my red-eye flight, and being surrounded by a house full of family during primo timing. I did hope that it would happen mainly so that I could tell my future offspring that they were truly a southern child. Not in the cards I guess.
What is in the cards is an MRI for me on Friday. Oh boy. I have never had one and am not looking forward to it, but if it brings me one step closer then I am all for it.

As for now I am polishing my resume and reading lots of newspapers so I can sound like I know what the hell I am talking about in a job interview that I hope comes my way. Somebody's got to want me, right?

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