Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So cute

It is not nice to tease a pregnant lady. I am starting to really feel like this baby is getting closer to coming. I have had to slow down quite a bit these days otherwise I get overwhelmed and emotional. I am now in nesting and nurture mode. I love all the sweet little clothes and stuffed animals that people have given us. I am also an impatient pain in the you-know-what with our contractor because I am going to loose my mind if they don't finish the baby's room very soon.

So to add to my current emotional roller coaster, today my husband sends me this photo:
with a note that says "puppy needs loving you want him?"
Are you kidding me? My head says that now is not the best time to get a puppy for a whole long list of reasons, but my pregnant, emotional self wants to bring him home right this second! How cute is he? I will let you know which side wins out.


podunk princess said...

That baby is going to need a friend!

RB said...

Girllllll do NOT do it. (happy thanksgiving!)