Thursday, November 01, 2007

Stealing candy from babies

I am not allowed to hand out candy on Halloween anymore :-(

I had high hopes for this Halloween and was really looking forward to it, but I did not factor pregnancy hormones into the occasion. It started off nice. The kids don't go to houses around here, they go to the town festival and people can set up tables in the park to hand out candy. So I have my table all decorated with flowers and pumpkins, I was in costume, and had all the candy ready to go. I couldn't wait to see all the little ones in their costumes! The little ones were not the problem. They were adorable and I loved the parental coaxing to get them to say "trick or treat". So far so good.
Then came the older costumes, no greeting, no "trick or treat". I figure if you are not going to dress up I at least deserve a greeting before you take my candy. So I made them say "trick or treat" before they could have candy. My hubby was a little concerned with this and told me to chill out. I then also had problems with the kids that dug around in the bucket for 5 min trying to find the candy that they like while there is a line of other kids behind them. But the absolute worst thing. The thing that caused me and my huge pregnant belly to shove my husband out of the way and almost leap over the table and take someone out was when an older lady (60ish) with NO KIDS and NO COSTUME and NO GREETING stuck both of her hands in the candy bucket, took a HUGE pile of candy and walked away. Oh no she didn't...the alarm bells went off in my head because she had just stolen most of our candy and I didn't have any more to give to all of the kids. I know I am not a mommy yet, but apparently my mommy instincts are kicking in because you do NOT steal candy from babies or I will jump over a table and steal it back. I had her shoulder in my hand and was ready to do just that, when hubby pulled me off of her and gave me a "time out". He was right of course. I don't think the children would have enjoyed watching me kick some old lady butt, so I listened to him.
Just in case you are wondering, this is very uncharacteristic for me and at that point hubby was really starting to get concerned. So I spent the rest of the evening in my chair and let him hand out the rest of the candy. I guess I am going to have to watch myself a little more closely from now on.

Just out of curiosity, what would you have done?

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buhtafly said...

Mamabear coming out in you! :) hehe

Was she with other kids? or was she all alone? If I had opened the door and it was just her and she went to reach in I would have said least I think I would. If she had grabbed it and walked away- I may have stopped her and ask her to only take one that we wouldnt have anymore to give to kids..I dont know..thats a hard one, I know I would be ticked off though!

At about 10pm we had 3 teenagers come to my parents door, a 4th was standing on the sidewalk- and they slipped on some masks and rang the door bell..My husband looked through the hole and said no way- he wasnt opening it. It was all very odd and suspicious. They were there awhile and finally one ran off and the rest followed. Way too old..and up to no good!