Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I am jumping on the infertility bandwagon! I joined Resolve (the national infertility org). I have been putting it off thinking "oh, I will get pregnant this month so what's the point?" Well, the point is that sometimes a girl needs some support (although I must say you blogger friends have been fabulous).
I am a team player. I spent my life in a (semi) team sport and am missing my teammates. So I am have decided to join "Team Infertility" (aka this resolve group). GO TEAM! I am hoping with hard work I will make the varsity squad (aka Team Preggers) and then maybe, just maybe go pro with Team Mommy.
I am jumping in with both feet. I signed up for membership, signed hubby and I up for an all day symposium next weekend, and called to join a support group. I am SURE that we will get pregnant this month, but I am covering all my bases and preparing for the long haul just in case. I will fill you in on what happens at all the preggy pep rallies, and who is sucking face behind the bleachers at the games (that would be ME because babies don't come from the stork ya know). Should be good times!

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