Monday, October 23, 2006

Double the fun!

I had yet another ultrasound this morning and am happy to report not one but 2 happy little follicles ready and waiting. I am happy because we have double the chances (well probably not statistically, but in my head we do). I am also happy because we are doing IUI this month (intrauterine insemination) which means there is one less variable in the equation. Yeah!
I am leaving the conception totally up to the medical professionals this month and am enjoying my (less) pressure existence. I also gave up charting. Yep, I have absolutely no idea what my temperature is and I don't care. All I have to know is what day to take the preggy test.
I am just kicking back and reading the Anne Lamott books that you all suggested. I can feel the stress decreasing with every page. Thanks.

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Mrs. Flinger said...

I'm wishing you ALL the luck in the world. And dude. Anne Lamott? TOTALLY best reads ever. (I'm sure I've already said that. Like over and over so I'll stop now).

Enjoy and keep us posted!