Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fertility camp!

I spent my whole Saturday at fertility camp. There was no bug juice or campfire songs but there were different cabins. There were the newbies who went to lectures on how to have a baby naturally. Ha! We are way past natural and were team 2 or the ART crew. Our day was filled with IVF talk and my all time favorite "time is running out" speech. Thanks. The other groups were "3rd party"- or sperm/egg donors. I am not ready for that yet. Then there was the adoption crew. I was hoping to catch a class or 2 of theirs, but hubby is still phobic. That , and we had enough info of our own to deal with.
I must say that I learned a ton. I thought that the internet was a good place to gather info, but when you gather 20-30 reproductive edocrinologists (among others) you can learn a lot. The best part was wacthing hubbys face. In the morning he was panicked and thinking we were going to fast. At the end of the day, he was ready to call the docs and start IVF next month. It was quite amazing.
I am hoping that we won't have to go there.
Although it was informative, I think making smores by a campfire would have been more fun.

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Jaimelee said...

I am a horrible friend, I just learned what TTC means. It was on brothers and sisters last night. I swear I am trying to keep up!