Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This month will be different

To celebrate yet another negative result hubby bought me roses and took me out to the super fancy sushi restaurant. He is a good man who is a quick learner when it comes to keeping his crazy TTC wife happy. Yes, yesterday sucked (until the roses and dinner part) but my body and I had a little pow-wow. We talked, and decided that this is it. This is the month. I promise to keep up my end of the bargain with the healthy activities and it promises to carry a baby for nine months. That's the deal. I have moved past optimism, and protective pessimism and on to demanding what I want. There will be no more wishing and hoping and all that touchy feely crap anymore. This is it. There will be a baby this month. You hear that body....I am not even close to kidding!

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Amanda Cowan said...

Hi there! I am here through Rbelle, who somehow found my blog..www.icemycake.com

I sincerely wish you sticky baby vibes and a strong BFP this cycle! We are also having issues. Not as lengthy as yours, with it being the last year..but I discovered in July that I have a thyroid issues that unfortunately isn't bad enough to be medicated just yet and in September we suffered a miscarriage of the baby we were told would take awhile to conceive in the first place. And while I know you didn't intend for this to be a TTC blog.. it does help to vent doesn't it? Mine is supposed to be about my wonderful daughter (and often is).. but I can't help venting sometimes.. Good luck and sticky vibes!