Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thanks honey.

My hubby decided to bring home a yucky cold that kept him home from the office for 2 days. Now he has so graciously given it to me. Isn't that sweet. I guess I can't complain that much since I don't actually have to go to an office. No one cares that I am sitting on my couch with a box of tissues while blogging and watching daytime TV. I am going to complain just a little about the fact that hubby could medicate his version of the cold while I am stuck here in all the snottiness. At least I have ice cream and naps to make me feel better.

Here is a picture of me and the 28 week belly (before the cold).


Mrs. Flinger said...

So sorry about the cold but this picture is just WONDERFUL. I love seeing you so happy and pregnant. After reading all it took to get here, I just LOVE how wonderful you look all knocked up. :-)

tarbelle said...

You look great!