Friday, October 05, 2007

feeling a little better

Not enough to do any constructive work around my house, but enough to venture to out for a few quick errands and then to finish my book on the porch in the sunshine. Since the sun has decided to retreat I came inside to blog (instead of the long list of other things I need to do). They can all wait until I am feeling totally back to normal.
My biggest accomplishment today was rediscovering an ice cream flavor. For some strange reason I have been craving coffee lately. I have not had any, mainly because I like to save my daily caffeine allotment for all things chocolate. Today I needed to replenish my ice cream supply and found Coffee with Heath bar ice cream...YUM! Ben & Jerry are my heroes.
I know it probably has caffeine in it (not to mention a ton and a half of sugar) so little one will be doing all sorts of gymnastics today. Let the bouncing off the walls (of the uterus that is) commence!

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