Thursday, October 25, 2007

Doing well

So, I am over the fact that I have given up ice cream and I have been very good about hitting the gym. I even joined a prenatal yoga class! I have been thinking about it, but avoiding it because I am SO BAD at yoga. I could barely touch my toes before there was a baby in the way. I would always be the person in the class that the instructor told to "just stay there"( aka nowhere) while the rest of the class twisted into pretzels. BUT this prenatal yoga stuff is a whole nother ballgame. I LOVE it. It is all about being comfy, finding out how to stretch out the parts that hurt from carrying baby, and then the last half of class is all about relaxation poses with pillows and blankets. Ahhh. So nice. I think it is an essential 3rd trimester activity. I signed up for a series that ends the day before my due date. Can you believe it? I am only one yoga series away from a baby. Crazy!

Other than my new workout schedule, the reason I have been neglecting my blog is that we are having our house painted...finally! Most of the rooms in our house are being painted. Since the painters were coming to do the baby's room anyway I added a few more tasks to the list. Hubby was less than excited when he found out the costs of my extra tasks, but was not about to argue with the pregnant woman who is nesting. So I was without Internet for a few days and had to move everything from 3 rooms in my house into one room. Now they have finished painting the office and my Internet is up and running. I am loving looking at my pretty new blue walls :-) The base coat of the baby's room gets done tomorrow and the artist comes in 2 weeks to paint the mural! Some of new furniture should be arriving in the next week or so and I am keeping my fingers crossed that my co-sleeper (on back order) will be one of the items. I am finally making progress! Yeah!

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