Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween temptation

I thought my procrastination tendencies would work in my favor this time. Nope, I decided that I needed to go out and buy all of our Halloween candy yesterday. I realize now that this was a very bad idea. It is cold and wet outside so I am snuggled in my house with a huge bucket of my favorite candy to keep me company...at least until I eat it all. I am not sure pregnant women are able to resist this sort of temptation, well, at least not this pregnant woman. I can already hear the "tsk, tsk" from the doctor at my next appointment but I have decided that a few extra "non-baby" (aka fat) pounds won't kill me. Besides, after all of this Halloween temptation comes Turkey day with its yummy pies and the Christmas of course bringing chocolate in lots of forms. I think I will hide the scale and ignore the doctor and just enjoy my holiday treats guilt free :-)

On the baby front, he is doing well and kicking harder these days. I was teaching a class yesterday and while I was talking he kicked me so hard that it actually brought tears to my eyes (the pain kind, not the happy kind). Luckily I was teaching to a room full of preggy people so they didn't seem to mind when I sat down and made them watch video for a few minutes. He seems to be content in there for a little while longer which is good because this house is not quite ready for him to arrive. We are looking forward to meeting him!

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tarbelle said...

Thanks for all the updates, calibelle. glad things are going so well!