Saturday, December 17, 2005

holiday updates

Since I have ovulated and am still waiting for AF I have nothing to whine about. So I will whine about the fact that I am upset with the weather man/woman. When I checked before I left my house this morning (to holiday shop of course) there was no sign of rain and they said it might rain tommorrow. OR as soon as I come out of the first store I get drenched by pouring down rain! I was totally unprepared! Wrong jacket, wrong shoes, no umbrella. The shopping had to go on so I was very wet, cold and cranky most of today.
Now I am trying to thaw out and am using the rain as an excuse for my lame present buying. Sorry family, Santa was too soggy to shop!


Jaimelee said...

Not to soung ignorant, but what the hell is AF??

CaliBelle said...

"Aunt Flow" you know, the annoying monthly visitor. Although my AF has been on vacation for 3 months!