Thursday, December 01, 2005

Holidays Here I Come!

I'm finished with school for the quarter. Woohoo!! I never thought this quarter would end. It was evil and ugly. I just hope my grades are not quite so evil and ugly. I already know that they won't be pretty, but one of the joys of grad-school is that I don't really care! (ok, I care a little) but not today! Today is celebration time. Hmmm what shall I do first?? I have a spa certificate from my MIL :-) Now that is my kinda gift. She could give me a spa gift certificate for every gift-giving holiday from now until forever and I think I would be the happiest DIL on the planet.
I am relaxing just thinking about it. I have that, and much holiday shopping to do. I think I figured out what I am going to get hubby (he he, I am such a bad wife). Check it out here.

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