Monday, February 27, 2006

And the winner is??

The suspense is killing me. This morning I waved goodbye to a significant amount of blood and sent it on its merry way to the lab (to see what the problem with my cycle is). Now I just have to sit and wait for the results. Looks like it will be about a week+. I think this TTC thing is supposed to teach you patience because I feel like waiting is all I do.
Wait for the birth control to get out of your system (I heard lots of "it takes time") Yeah. Not 8 months.
Then there is the wait for ovulation, which in my case, could take millennia.
Then the worst is the dreaded tww (two week wait) with all of the "what if" going on. tourture.

With all of this training I am going to be a rock star at waiting out temper tantrums, or being patient with homework, I might even learn to cut my hubby some slack. See, I will be a good mommy. All I have to do is wait...

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tarbelle said...

You're going to be an amazing mommy- I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!