Friday, February 24, 2006


Can the preggy/mommy brain thing happen before you actually concieve? Maybe it is a side effect of my blonde hair color or something, but I have somehow screwed up taking my meds. DUH. You would think that this would not happen considering that I have professional training on medications and am slightly obsessive about all of this TTC stuff, but alas when I checked my chart to record my temp today I am suppoed to have 3 more pills to take. Yeah, there are only 2 left in the container. What on earth did I do? I counted them when I filled the prescription and they were all there. My big hope is that I did not take 2 in one day. Oops! I am trying to make the hormone imbalence better, not worse! Maybe down the sink, on the floor, who knows??? This does not bode well for the future forgetfullness to come. Sorry my friends, if I forget about you it was not intentional I am just slowly losing my mind.

***Update: No lost pill, just a lost mind and an inability to count

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Mrs. Flinger said...

I'm claiming mommy brain for years. I think I'm "supposed" to have my brain back but no luck yet.

You're a riot, though. Glad it's all there and accounted for!